Offshore Fishing


For our first year in business Silver Halo will be running with an MCA Cat 3 coding (20 miles from a safe haven), we plan to raise that to a Cat 2 coding and 60 miles by the end of 2018.

With twin hulls, shallow draft and twin 115 hp Honda outboards, we can get offshore quickly.

Comfortable cruising at around 20 knots it only takes 2 hours to cover 40 miles. This luxury gives an advantage of being able to access 100’s of wrecks and move quickly between them.

We drift fish the wrecks and for the best sport we always fish with the lightest tackle possible. On the smaller tides we enjoy slow pitch jigging. Jig weights range from about 100g for shallower water and up to 250g for deeper water and if there’s more tide.

Other preferred methods are the use of lead headed soft plastics like Fiiish BM, Crazee Sandeel and Namix Cobras, offshore these range from 60g to 200g. When required, we do also use flying collar rigs.

Silver Halo is fully kitted out with the latest Simrad electronics. We use the 3D structure scan to find the fish holding positions and try to keep our fishing nice and tight to them.

We also have the benefit of the latest 4G radar, this can be fine tuned to seek out feeding birds. This can add a real advantage when small groups of anglers are fishing with lures, when we get the radar ‘heads up’ we can go! You never know what’s chasing the bait fish, it could be dolphins, bass or even tuna?!

Our recommendations for these offshore trips are: a maximum of 6 anglers, minimum of 8 hours and 60 to 100 miles covered.

These trips are usually booked in advance, please see the pricing page and Options D and E.

Also, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require more info or would like a bespoke charter.